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Birthday Gift Draw

Every month Heritage House Dental celebrates your birthday by offering gifts especially for you. If you celebrate your birthday this month, please enter our draw for a chance to win. The winner of this month's Birthday Draw will receive an Oral-B power toothbrush.

Please fill out and submit the form to participate.

Previous Winners:

October 2022: Kimberly Toste
September 2022: Puneet Choudhry
August 2022: Mary Ann Spizzirri
July 2022: Ajmal Sairally
June 2022: Nicholas Rasile
May 2022: Angela Kerr
April 2022: Brandon Falzon
March 2022: Evan Shewchuk
February 2022: Leo Koturic
January 2022: Anthony Laglia
October 2021: Adrian Perez
September 2021: Stephen Light
August 2021: Nancy Johnston
July 2021: Sophia Sun
June 2021: Eshaan Maneyapanda
May 2021: Krystyna Ryves
April 2021: Jessica Kunkel
March 2021: Jessica Olmstead
February 2021: Jackie Tavano
January 2021: Allan Pancham
December 2020: Joanna Spizzirri
November 2020: Frank Portugal
October 2020: Anthony Nathan
August 2020: Olivia Nicolosi
June 2020: Viet Duong
May 2020: Ron Collie
April 2020: Camille Dela Cruz
February 2020: Angela Cinapri
January 2020: Pramila Aggarwal
December 2019: Artur Trocki
November 2019: Carlos Barros
October 2019: Mark Dowlat
September 2019: Tanya Miller
August 2019: Sara Ribeiro-Baptista
July 2019: Rick Coelho
June 2019: Ashley DaCunha
May 2019: Jelena Gorse
April 2019: Gianluca Tasciotti
March 2019: Heather Kristman
February 2019: Farida Elsabakhawik
January 2019: Joseph Mazurek
December 2018: Clement Mba
November 2018: Cheryl Charles
October 2018: Om Sharma
September 2018: Soumi Chakraborty
August 2018: Sandeep Nayak
July 2018: Cheryl Mandody
June 2018: Nicholas Rasile
May 2018: Jessie Brum
April 2018: Dorota Zuchniak
March 2018: Peter Scaramuzzo
February 2018: Maggie Ng
January 2018: Roberto Di Marco
December 2017: Jennifer Ung
November 2017: Les Gangoo
October 2017: Doreen Teasdale
September 2017: Krystyna Kubas
August 2017: Bansi Maneyapanda
July 2017: Christine Peart
June 2017: Victor Pereira
May 2017: Sabrina Santos
January 2017: Annum Afzal
December 2016: Melanie Tam
November 2016: Shelly Van Allen
October 2016: Barbara Mrula
September 2016: Deirdre Sequeira
July 2016: Matthew Shapka
June 2016: Alexia Howat
Heritage House Mississauga Birthday Gift Draw April 2016: Kathy Rouse
March 2016: Irene Holford
February 2016: Katz Khan
December 2015: Geetika Arikati

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Heritage House Mississauga Birthday Gift Draw
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